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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 8 - Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry

It's easy to see how we spent so many hours in such a small area. We stoped for pictures of everything from daisies, to cows, to abondoned stone houses. A helpful hint from Fodor: "All tour buses travel the Ring of Kerry counterclockwise, so we recommend that independent travelers take it clockwise."

PAN-IREL-aa-R22-11-13 Ring of Kerry Coast
(about Panoramics)

The "most photographed" spot in Ireland. Indeed! I shot a whole roll in just a few minutes!
Comments from Fodor: "Allow at least one full day for the Ring - and pray for sunshine, which makes all the difference." (Amen!)

4003 Ring of Kerry
(Also available as an Irish Blessing)

4004 Ring of Kerry
(Also available as an Irish Blessing)


IREL-aa-R22-21 Ring of Kerry Coast - 8


IREL-aa-R22-09 Ring of Kerry Coast - 1

IREL-aa-R22-07 Ring of Kerry Coast - 2

IREL-aa-R22-16 Ring of Kerry
Coast - 3

IREL-aa-R22-14 Ring of Kerry
Coast - 4

IREL-aa-R22-15 Ring of Kerry
Coast - 5


IREL-aa-R22-17 Ring of Kerry Coast - 6

IREL-aa-R22-08 Ring of Kerry Coast - 7

IREL-aa-R23-04 Ring of Kerry Coast - 9

IREL-aa-R22-19 Sheep, Raggity Ewe
IREL-aa-R22-22 Sheep Siblings

IREL-aa-R22-03 Ring of Kerry, Scenery - 1
(Another of those ancient forts, like Staigue Fort)

IREL-aa-R23-10 Ring of Kerry, Scenery - 2
IREL-aa-R23-11 Ring of Kerry, Scenery - 3

4002 Cows in a Meadow
(Also available as an Irish Blessing)

The Skelligs

The Skelligs, in the distance, are "a group of conical-shaped rock islands. The largest one, The Great Skellig, rises 700 feet out of the Atlantic. It has the remains of a settlement of early Christian monks, reached by climbing 600 increasingly precipitous steps." (Fodor) ... We didn’t go there.

4005 The Skelligs at Dusk
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