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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 14 - Houses with thatched roofs, Stone barn, Thatching in progress

IREL-aa-R33-08a House - 1
The family recently built a new house, and this old one is now abandoned.

IREL-aa-R33-08a Stone Barn
The farmer said the barn is about 200 years old; still uses it for his cows.

We saw a really cute thatched-roof house (above), and drove up to take pictures. The farmer was outside, as a delivery man of some sort was dropping off something to him. We asked if we could see the thatched house up close, and he said yes. Riv commented, "I’ll bet you don't get too many crazy tourists stopping by and asking to see your house." And the deliveryman who was still standing there, quipped, "Only three!"


IREL-aa-R33-22a Fancy House - 2

IREL-aa-R33-24a House - 3

IREL-aa-R36-13a Plain House - 4

Thatching a Roof

On the last scenic loop of the day, before reaching Sligo, we came across a man who was actually THATCHING a house, pulling out the old, and putting in the new! We talked to him awhile, too. He was very knowledgeable and extremely witty. His name is Brian Rogers, and claims to be the only thatcher in County Sligo, and one of the few left in Ireland. He told us about how expensive it is to use thatch these days, and said that the man who owns the house would spend less to keep a large boat in the marina! He showed us how he bundles the grasses and makes a spike out of wood to hold each bunch in place. He showed us his tools and demonstrated how they work, too. Then the owner of the house came out—a jolly ol' guy named Mr. Freeman, with fuzzy white hair and a toothless grin. He talked with us for awhile, too. Both men let us take their pictures as well.


4026 Thatching a Roof
(Also avaialable as an Irish Blessing)

Brian Rogers, the last authentic thatcher in County Sligo.
Showing the technique for attaching a bundle of thatch to the roof.

IREL-aa-R33-16a Thatching a Roof - 1
Showing the tools used to cut bundles and to smooth the finished roof.


IREL-aa-R33-20a Thatching a Roof - 3
Smoothing off the new section of roof.


IREL-aa-R33-19a Thatching a Roof - 2

Pulling out another old section of roof.

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