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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 6 - Waterford Crystal Factory, Blarney Castle

Waterford Crystal Factory

At the Waterford Crystal factory, it was fun to watch the workers blowing glass and carving and etching the various pieces. I think they said that their apprenticeship lasts for ten years before they become a master engraver. It was a very informative tour, and I now have some appreciation for the craft and its high cost. I didn't realize that the factory does not allow "seconds" - it is either perfect, or it is destroyed. Therefore, about 40 percent of the objects never make it to the finish line, through 70 inspectors, and that puts the cost of the finished items at about 70-percent labor.


IREL-aa-R18-12 Waterford Craftsman - 1

IREL-aa-R18-03 Waterford Craftsman - 2

IREL-aa-R18-18 Waterford Seahorse logo

IREL-aa-R18-20 Waterford Chandelier

IREL-aa-R17-24 Waterford Clock

IREL-aa-R18-17 Waterford Vase - 1

IREL-aa-R18-23 Waterford Vase - 2

Blarney Castle

In Cork, we did the "kiss the Blarney Stone" routine. We were glad to get there early, because we were able to walk right up to the top, exploring all the little side rooms in the castle, and had only a short wait at the top level in the open air to wait for all the people to give their kiss - and their 1 punt fee. The man that holds onto each tourist while they lean upside-down and backwards was the only grumpy person we met in all of Ireland. We took our own goofy pictures, although their photographer stands in the best spot to get a decent angle. As we were leaving Blarney Caslte, there must have been at least four busloads of tourists standing in a line that wound all the way down the spiral stairs, and out the entrance gate, and a block longer after that. If we had arrived to that sort of crowd, we wouldn't have bothered with it at all.

4001 Blarney Castle
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IREL-aa-R19-07 Blarney Castle, Tower

IREL-aa-R19-11 Blarney Castle, View

IREL-aa-R19-15 Blarney Castle,
Pigeon in the Window

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