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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 13 - County Mayo: Kylemore Abbey, Scenery, Peat Fields, Bog Cotton, Crough Patrick

Kylemore Abbey

Kylemore Abbey was built as a private home in 1864 by a member of Parliament. It is now a convent of Benedictine nuns who run a girls' boarding school here.


IREL-aa-R32-06 Kylemore Abbey - 1


IREL-aa-R32-08 Kylemore Abbey - 2

IREL-aa-R32-07 Rowboat

County Mayo

Doolough Valley between Mweelrea Mountain and the Sheeffry Hills. Oh sure, I know just where we are, now!

4027 Farm, County Mayo
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4028 River, County Mayo
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IREL-aa-R32-16 Scenery - 1

IREL-aa-R32-17 Scenery - 2


Peat Fields

One day when there was nothing specific on our agenda (no castle or specific tour), we were driving through the Connemara area on the west coast, just to see a different type of scenery - bogs and lakes etc. We noticed some fields where peat had been dug up, and stopped to take a closer look and get a few pictures. A while later, we saw some men in the distance actually working on cutting peat blocks. And then we saw one guy very near the road doing the same. We stopped at the fence and talked with the man for awhile. His name is William McDonald, a very friendly guy with a heavy accent. He was funny, and seemed glad for the break to lean on his pitchfork awhile and very willing to talk about his life on the farm and his dog Pat (that was there with him) and all sorts of things. We asked about the fuzzy white weeds in some of the fields, and he told us it is called "bog cotton," and we picked a few sprigs to press in our notebooks, along with the three-leaf clovers we had collected.

IREL-aa-R32-12 Peat Field - 1

IREL-aa-R32-13 Peat Field - 2


IREL-aa-R32-15 Peat Field - 3


IREL-aa-R32-24a Peat Field - 4


IREL-aa-R33-01a William McDonald - 1

I said, "That looks like hard work."
And he replied, "Aye, lassy, i'tis!"

IREL-aa-R33-03a William McDonald - 2

IREL-aa-R33-04a Bog Cotton

Croagh Patrick

Croagh Patrick, 2,500 feet. The wide white path is the "Pilgrim’s Path." More than 25,000 Catholics, many of them barefoot or on their knees, climb the path each year to pray to St. Patrick in the oratory on the mountain's peak.

IREL-aa-R33-07a Croagh Patrick

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