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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 11 - Lady's View, Torc Waterfall, Lighthouse, Cliffs of Moher

IREL-aa-R28-14a Lady's View

Lady's View gets its name from 1905 when Queen Victoria visited here. Upon seeing the view of the three lakes,
her ladies-in-waiting were said to have been dumbfounded by its beauty.

IREL-aa-R28-13a Lake, Fishing

4011 Torc Waterfall
(Also available as an Irish Blessing)

IREL-aa-R28-22a Forest near Torc Waterfall

IREL-aa-R28-32a Lighthouse
View from the Shannon Ferry

4013 Cliffs of Moher, vertical
(Also avaialable as an Irish Blessing)

I tried for weeks to find out the name of this little church. And I was informed that when a church is used only for ceremonial purposes (weddings, funerals, etc.) but does not have its own congregation and priest, then the church has NO name. Hmph. How about that? It makes sense, really, since the "church" is not the building but the people who are believers in Jesus.

Cliffs of Moher

The 700-foot high, 4-mile-long Cliffs of Moher were very impressive, and we spent hours walking around that place. The wind was strong and carried the sounds of the birds and the sound of the surf right up to the top of the cliffs. There was also a guy playing an "Irish harp" that was very lovely to listen to while soaking up the sun and gazing at those magnificent cliffs.

4012 Cliffs of Moher, People on Ledge
(Also avaialable as an Irish Blessing)

4014 Cliffs of Moher, horizontal
(Also avaialable as an Irish Blessing)


IREL-aa-R30-05 Cliffs of Moher, veritcal

4013 Cliffs of Moher, vertical
(Also avaialable as an Irish Blessing)

4015 Cliffs of Moher, Man at Edge
(Also avaialable as an Irish Blessing)

IREL-aa-R30-09 Cliffstop Closeup

IREL-aa-R28-37 O'Brien Tower

IREL-aa-R30-19 Spire, closeup


IREL-aa-R29-20 Cliffs of Moher, horizontal


IREL-aa-R30-22 Cliffs, O'Brien, Flowers

I met another tourist as I hiked along this edge and asked her to take a picture of me. Just as I sat down, I realized the grass was sort of spongy and I started to sliiiiide! THAT will turn the knuckles white in a hurry!

PAN-IREL-aa-R29-23-24 Cliffs of Moher, O'Brien Tower
(about Panoramics)


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