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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 12 - Connemara ponies, scenery

PAN-IREL-aa-R31-10-11 Lake
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While we were stopped at this roadside pull-out to take pictures of one of the many lakes, we met a carload of Israelis! Riv heard them speaking Hebrew, so she said to the woman (in Hebrew), “Aht meh Yerushalaim?” The woman looked at her with a puzzled face and said, (in English) "What did you say?" Riv repeated (in English), "Are you from Jerusalem?" And the woman laughed and said, "I thought that's what you said, but I couldn't believe my ears - I thought I had imagined it!" So, we had the opportunity to try out our rusty ol' Hebrew for a few minutes as we talked with these nice Jewish people from Tel Aviv who were also on vacation. It's a small world.

IREL-aa-R31-06 Ponies - 2
IREL-aa-R31-05 Ponies - 1

IREL-aa-R31-18 Scenery - 1

IREL-aa-R31-17 Scenery - 2

IREL-aa-R31-15 Scenery - 3

IREL-aa-R31-20 Scenery - 4

IREL-aa-R31-22 Scenery - 5

IREL-aa-R31-24a Scenery - 6

IREL-aa-R31-21 Scenery - 7

IREL-aa-R31-23 Scenery - 8

IREL-aa-R32-01 Scenery - 9


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