Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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About Panoramic Photographs

Panoramics are 2 or more photos put together to form one large panoramic scene. The final print will have the seams blended away, making one complete, breathtaking view. The final print will be on poster size, high-quality photographic paper with the length being 30 inches and the width proportionate.

For an example of a Panoramic that has had the seems perfectly blended away, see Kailua Beach. All other panoramics shown on this web site are just simple scans of print photos positioned together to give you the general idea of the panoramic, but here, the seams are obvious.

Another Panoramic Option: Of course, you can order the individual photos in a panoramic scene in any of the enlargement sizes, mat or frame them separately, and hang them side by side to give the illusion of a panoramic. The benefit of this option is that, for about the same price, you can make the total scene much larger for a dramatic effect. Example:


Below is a partial list of the panoramic photos on this web site. These photos are also shown in the country or state collection where they were taken.

Collection: Ireland

PAN-IREL-aa-R21-12a-14a Staigue Fort, Inside
PAN-IREL-aa-R22-01-02 Beach
PAN-IREL-aa-R22-11-13 Ring of Kerry Coast
PAN-IREL-aa-R24-11-13 Patchwork farms on a hill
PAN-IREL-aa-R27-11-13 Dingle, Slea Head
PAN-IREL-aa-R28-01a-03-a Connor Pass
PAN-IREL-aa-R29-23-24 Cliffs of Moher, O'Brien Tower
PAN-IREL-aa-R31-10-11 Lake
PAN-IREL-aa-R34-02-04 Dartry Mountains
PAN-IREL-aa-R35-24-01 Harbor
PAN-IREL-aa-R39-10a-11a Giant's Causeway

Collection: Jordan

JORD-jg-R16-1a-3a PAN_Wadi Rum - 1
JORD-jg-R16-20a-22a PAN_Jeep in Wadi Rum - 2

Collection: USA California

CA-jh-R1-18a-20a PAN_Joshua Tree - 1
CA-jh-R2-2-3 PAN_Joshua Tree - 2
CA-jh-R1-10a-12a PAN_Joshua Tree - 3
CA-jd-nn San Gabriel Mountains, Irvine

Collection: USA Hawaii

HI-jj-R7-11-14 PAN_Double Rainbow over Haleiwa Harbor, Oahu
HI-hi-R12-6/8/7 PAN_Waimea Canyon, Kauai
HI-hi-R3-20-21 PAN_Kilauea Caldera, Big Island
HI-hi-R1-4-5 PAN_Akaka Falls, Big Island
HI-jf-R1-6-9 PAN_Kaneohe Bay - 1, Oahu
PAN-M-ae-R17-16a-18a NW Maui
PAN_M_ae-R18-3a-4a Bay Kahakuloa
PAN_M_ae-R21-23-24 Wailua Valley
PAN_M_ae-R23-3a-5a Beach Maui
PAN_M_ae-R30-2a-3a Haleakala
PAN_O_ae-R34-15a-17a Kapaa Quarry-01
PAN_O_ae-R34-12a-14a Kapaa Quarry-02
PAN_O_ae-R39-09-10 Pali Lookout-01
PAN_O_ae-R44-04-05 Kailua Beach
PAN_O_ae-R44-13-15 Makaha Beach

Collection: USA Nevada

NV-jh-R2-15a-16a PAN_Lake Mead at Dusk- 1
NV-jh-R2-12a-14a PAN_Lake Mead at Dusk - 2
NV-jh-R3-28-30 PAN_Red Rock Canyon - 1
NV-jh-R4-12-14 PAN_Red Rock Canyon - 2

Collection: USA New York

NY-jg-R0-11-13 PAN_Whiteface Mountain and Lake Placid
NY-jg-R7-6-7 PAN_Ausable Chasm - 1
NY-jg-R7-20 PAN_Ausable Chasm - 2

Collection: USA Ohio

OH-ae-R1-14-15 PAN_Old Mill Creek Park, Leatherman's Mill & Covered Bridge
OH-ad-R4-16a-19a PAN_Bluebells

Collection: USA South Dakota

SD-jg-R4-9-10 PAN_Needle's Eye - 1
SD-jc-R14-5-6 PAN_Needle's Eye - 2
SD-jc-R10-23a-24a PAN_Badlands - 2 - Early Morning
SD-jc-R10-19a-21a PAN_Badlands - 3 - Morning
SD-jc-R11-9-10 PAN_Badlands - 4 - Campground
SD-jc-R11-3-5 PAN_Badlands - 5
SD-jg-R8-11a-13a PAN_Badlands - 1
SD-jc-R12-2-3 PAN_Badlands - 6
SD-jc-R12-16-17 PAN_Badlands - 7
SD-jc-R9-15a-17a PAN_Flat, Flat, Flat, Flat South Dakota!
SD-jc-R9-21a-23a PAN_Missouri River (near Chaimberlain)

Collection: USA Washington DC

DC-ae-R8-17a-18a PAN Jefferson Memorial, Tidal Basin
DC-ae-R8-14a-16a PAN Washington Monument, Tidal Basin


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