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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 7 - River Lee, Colorful towns, Stone house ruins, Staigue Fort, Fuchsia, Beach

The River Lee

IREL-aa-R19-24 River Lee - 1

IREL-aa-R19-24a River Lee - 2

Colorful Towns

IREL-aa-R20-01 Road Sign & Colorful Buildings
IREL-aa-R20-03 Colorful town

Many of the towns feature old-fashioned brightly painted facades of shops and bars, each with an individual color scheme and handcrafted details. The Victorian tradition of painting storefronts had nearly died out, but since the 1980s, it's been revived.


IREL-aa-R20-02 Vine-Covered Building

IREL-aa-R20-04 Procession makes a traffic jam

We came into one little town, and there was some kind of procession happening. They had traffic backed up for blocks. They were headed to a tall-steepled church at the bottom of the hill, but we never did find out what it was all about.

Abandoned Stone Houses

IREL-aa-R20-16 Stone House Ruins - 1
IREL-aa-R20-24 Stone House Ruins - 2

Staigue Fort

Staigue Fort (near Sneem) is "an Iron Age stone fort, approx. 2,500 years old. It is made entirely from local stone, built in a 75-foot diameter circle with only one small entrance. The walls are 13 ft. wide at the base, 7 ft.wide at the top, and still stand 18 ft. high in some sections. From 500 BC to early Christian times (600 AD), such 'forts' were fortified homesteads where several families of one clan, and their cattle, lived." (Fodor)

IREL-aa-R20-24 Staigue Fort

IREL-aa-R20-08 Staigue Fort View

PAN-IREL-aa-R21-12a-14a Staigue Fort, Inside
(about Panoramics)

IREL-aa-R21-16a Staigue Fort Wall Closeup

IREL-aa-R21-22a Stone Bridge

IREL-aa-R21-09a Fuchsia

Around home, I'm used to seeing fuchsia as a single plant in a hanging basket. I never knew it would grow into giant bushes 20 feet tall! In Ireland, fuchsia bushes line the narrow roads for miles and miles.

Nice Beaches

PAN-IREL-aa-R22-01-02 Beach
(about Panoramics)

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