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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 5 - Kilkenny Castle, Black Abbey Church, Saint Canice Cathedral

Kilkenney Castle

IREL-aa-R16-04 Kilkenny Castle,
by the River Nore since 1820


IREL-aa-R16-08 Kilkenny Castle, Lawn


IREL-aa-R16-11 Kilkenny Castle, Rose Garden

Part of 49 landscaped acres around the castle.

IREL-aa-R16-04 Kilkenny Castle, Fountain


IREL-aa-R16-09 Kilkenny Castle, Inside a Tower


IREL-aa-R16-10 Kilkenny Castle, Bust of Soldier

Dominican Black Abbey Church

In Kilkenny, we visited a 12th century Abbey called "The Black Abbey," because the monks used to wear a black robe over their clothing. The stained glass windows were awesome. There is an alabaster statue encased in the wall that representes the Trinity: God the Father seated, God the Son on the cross, and God the Spirit in the form of a dove.


IREL-aa-R16-17 Black Abbey, Inside


IREL-aa-R17-02 Black Abbey, Trinity Statue


IREL-aa-R16-18 Black Abbey, Window

IREL-aa-R16-19 Black Abbey, Window Pane

IREL-aa-R16-16 Flower

Saint Canice's Cathedral

We also saw an ancient cathedral called St. Canice's that has a 6-story, stone tower—Linda was the only one with enough energy to climb to the top. Meanwhile, Riv and I wandered inside where there happened to be a visiting choir from Norway, and their singing was like heaven! Afterwards, while we were exploring the nooks and crannies of the place, I noticed a little girl curiously inspecting the faces of a tomb covering, inscribed, "The tombs of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ossory and his wife Margaret Fitzgerald. He died in 1539, and she died in 1542."


IREL-aa-R17-05 St. Canice's Cathedral

IREL-aa-R17-07 St. Canice's Cathedral, Inside


IREL-aa-R17-10 St. Canice, Organ

IREL-aa-R17-12 St. Canice, Carvings

IREL-aa-R17-13 Tomb, Piers Butler & Wife

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