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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Ireland - Page 9 - Dingle Peninsula: Farmland, Beaches, Freshwater Experience Nature Reserve, Foxglove

PAN-IREL-aa-R24-11-13 Patchwork farms on a hill
(about Panoramics)

The hills in Ireland are loaded with interesting "patterns" of rock walls through the pastures, lined with bushes and trees,
and dotted with sheep and cattle. There are a zillions shades of green! No wonder it's called the EMERALD ISLE!

4007 Dingle Peninsual Coastline
(Also available as an Irish Blessing)

4008 Farm on a Steep Hill
(Also available as an Irish Blessing)

IREL-aa-R24-14 Sheep on a Hill

IREL-aa-R24-08 Gypsy Wagon

IREL-aa-R24-07 Beach - 1

IREL-aa-R24-02 Beach - 2


IREL-aa-R24-04 Beach - 3
IREL-aa-R24-05 Beach - 4

Freshwater Experience Nature Reserve

IREL-aa-R25-01 Black Swan
(Also available in Animal Notescards)

IREL-aa-R24-16 Goats
(Also available in Animal Notecards)

IREL-aa-R25-06 Emu


IREL-aa-R25-11 Otter - 1

IREL-aa-R25-12 Otter - 2


IREL-aa-R21-10a Foxglove - 1
IREL-aa-R24-19 Foxglove - 2

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