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Below is a list of web links to ministries, organizations, search engines, and directories that have a working relationship with Keepers and/or that I feel are worthy of your support.

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Profotos - All Photography. All The Time. - is a huge directory of photographers online; there are THOUSANDS of listings. New York free photo classifieds, event calendar, chat, forums, web site directory... Your NY - free photo classifieds, event calendar, chat, forums, web site directory & more.

OurChurch.Com - Free Christian Web Site Hosting
OurChurch.Com is a Christian company that can help you create, host, and update a website for your church, ministry, or family. It's easy to use - no software or programming required - and basic service is free.

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Christian Links - The Christian Link - really easy to navigate. - browse Keyword Map of the Internet - a web thesaurus and lexicon listing under Photographs, Images and stock - Carries 12x18" enlargements of selected Keepers' photos and will mat and frame them for you.

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Ministry Connections

PhotoMission, Inc. - is a Worldwide Community of Christian Photographers who, through their testimonies, affirm the truth of John 14:6, Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but through Me." The ministry supplies missions, churches and Christian businesses with photography, helping to visually illustrate the truth of the Gospel.
As a photographer and a Christian, I am pleased to be a member of PhotoMission. - When I signed up with PhotoMission (a worldwide network of Christian photographers), the first project in which I had the opportunity to participate was a new web site developed by Campus Crusade for Christ. They designed a web site to help people write their own testimony and email it. I think it's a GREAT idea. Some people are too chicken to share their faith in person or on the phone with friends. And lots of people wouldn't know how to even BEGIN to organize their thoughts and WRITE their testimony. So this web site called helps people to write their testimony in five easy steps, simply by answering some questions. Check it out, and share it with other Christians that you know, too! When you get to the 4th click, you are able to add your own photo, or choose from one of the 24 "theme photos" provided. Three of those 24 photos are MY shots! :) They are the sheep under the tree (Scotland), the man casting a net into the Sea of Galilee (Israel), and the Red Rose (Israel).

Remnant Ministries, Inc., PO Box 21100, Cleveland, OH 44121 (Phone: 440-684-0220). A 100-year-old ministry (in 2004), dedicated to sharing the Gospel with Jewish people. RMI uses "Scripture Pictures" in fund raising and as thank-you gifts.

Mayim Hayim Ministries, "Be a Blessing Page" - Uses "Scripture Pictures" as part of their fund raising efforts.

Holy Land Experience - (Zion's Hope) A huge Bible theme park and museum in Orlando, Florida, which carries "Scripture Pictures" in their gift shops.

Great Ministries

Operation Restoration - A one-of-a-kind, non-profit organization that buys and restores homes for Jewish immigrants in Israel. I personally know the founder/director, and I've seen O.R. grow and accomplish great things in these past 11 years or more. Staffed by all volunteers, so your donations go to the WORK and not somebody's pocket! Definitely worthy of your support and involvement.

The Salvation Army U.S. National Headquarters (also International Headquarters in England) - I have first-hand knowledge of this 100+ year-old church/ministry and the good work they accomplish on a regular basis, because I worked for them at the Honolulu Divisional Headquarters for 7 years. They have my utmost respect. As far as big ministries go, The Salvation Army has been proven over and over again to be the best in the world at putting the highest percentage of donation dollars to WORK rather than overhead expenses. Definitely worthy of your support and involvement.

Heifer International - An organization that provides a farm animal (cow, sheep, etc.) to an impoverished family so that the family can MAKE A LIVING. They teach the family how to care for their animals, and require that the family donate at least one animal offspring to another impoverished family. I think the concept is fantastic because a one-time donation can continue to impact many people for YEARS to come! - Friends, Adrian and Kim Glasspole, in Manchester, England, are working as missionaries with Chosen People Ministries. Please support them with your prayers and finances.

Link Exchange - Website and portfolio of Christian photojournalist Daniel St.Pierre - View samples, packages and fees on my multimedia website.

The Village of Homewood Junction - - A quaint, picturesque small town in western Pennsylvania. A few of my photos of Buttermilk Falls are used on the Homewood Junction web site.

Photography & More! by Pamela - - Just a personal website written and maintained by Pam. Come read, relax, enjoy... From her personal statement of faith, to photos, book reviews, featured poems, recipes, and even the occasional opinion or two, her site is unique. (Pam is a fellow member of PhotoMission.)

Jason K. Powers Photography - - Jason K. Powers is a freelance photographer based in the Denver, Colorado area. He shoots portraiture, editorial, photojournalism and sports. (Jason is a fellow member of PhotoMission.)

Sierra Mountain Photography - - Jody Langford. (Jody is a fellow member of PhotoMission.) - Whether you are a ministry looking for high-quality images of your works, a
bride-to-be wanting the emotion of her special day captured forever, or in need of images of a special event..... I invite you to view my work. My goal is to use my God-given talents to exceed your expectations. (Paul is a fellow member of PhotoMission.) - -- a growing directory of many links to art and photography web sites. - Handmade jewelry with a Messianic theme.

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