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Photos of Nebraska

Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Welcome to KEEPERS' Nebraska Collection! 

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af-R7-01a Pioneer Homestead, Sod House (reconstruction)

af-R7-03a Pioneer Homestead, Sod closeup

af-R7-04a Windlass Hill Pioneer Homestead, Sign
The stones surrounding this marker are the remains of the homestead dwelling of Reverend Dennis B. Clary, a pioneer Methodist Minister, who received final patent for his homestead May 22, 1899. Mr. Clary was born September 1, 1822, in Maryland and immigrated to Nebraska in 1885. Using a horse drawn cart fashioned from available material, he hauled stone to this site for a two room house. For years this was a land mark in Ash Hollow and marked the location of Windlass Hill. It was a popular stopping place for settlers traveling from the North Platte Valley area to the railroad at Big Springs, some twenty miles to the south. The wagon road used at that time is still visible nearby. The Oregon Trail passed here, and the area surrounding the house was used by early travelers to repair damages caused by the hazardous trip down Windlass Hill. This site was used July 29-30, 1967, as the stage stetting for the "Ash Hollow Centenial Pageant" when a nearby sod house was reconstructed. Funds from this successful historical event provided this marker.

af-R7-05a Pioneer Homestead, cactus roof

af-R7-06a Pioneer Homestead, Window

af-R7-08a Pioneer Homestead, front

af-R7-09a Pioneer Homestead, Skull, Gate

af-R7-10a Oregon Trail
(The hills are criss-crossed with ruts from wagon wheels.)

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