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Photos of Hawaii
Island of Oahu

Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Photographs of Oahu - Aquarium: Waikiki Aquarium fish and underwater critters

O_ae-R37-22a Clown Fish

O_ae-R37-24a Jellyfish

O_ae-R38-01a Nautilus - 01

O_ae-R38-02a Nautilus - 02

O_ae-R38-03a Octopus

O_ae-R38-05a Tropical Fish - 01

O_ae-R38-06a Tropical Fish - 02

O_ae-R38-07a Tropical Fish - 03

O_ae-R38-09a Dragon Fish

O_ae-R38-16a Leaf Fish

O_ae-R38-10a Turkey Fish - 01

O_ae-R38-11a Turkey Fish - 02

O_ae-R38-14a Turkey Fish - 03

O_ae-R38-12a Shrimp
(this shot is a bit blurry, but here for reference)

O_ae-R38-13a Lobster
(very small, about an inch long)

O_ae-R38-17a Monk Seal
(sleeping upright)

O_ae-R38-18a Tropical Fish - 04

O_ae-R38-19a Tropical Fish - 05

O_ae-R38-20a Tropical Fish - 06

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