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Photos of Hawaii
Island of Maui

Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Photographs of Maui - Ulupalakua: Ulupalakua Ranch, Thompson Road on Haleakala

M-ae-R28-06 Ulupalakua - 01
The oldest building on the ranch; it used to be an office with a jail in the basement.

M-ae-R28-07 Ulupalakua - 02
A tour of the wine vats

M-ae-R28-09 Ulupalakua - 03
The wine-tasting room and store. Wines made from grapes, pineapples, and raspberries

M-ae-R28-11 Ulupalakua - 04
The ranch has about 200 acres of vineyards

M-ae-R28-12 Ulupalakua - 05
Cattle and elk are raised on the 20,000 acre ranch

M-ae-R28-18 Pasture - 01
Along Thompson Road, Haleakala

M-ae-R28-20 Pasture - 02
Along Thompson Road, Haleakala


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