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Photos of Hawaii
Island of Maui

Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Photographs of Maui - Hana (page 2): Hana Ranch and surrounding lanscape, beaches, Alau Island, waterfalls

M-ae-R23-06a Mountains, Hana area

M-ae-R23-08a Hana Ranch - 01

M-ae-R23-09a Hana Ranch - 02

M-ae-R23-10a Hana Ranch - 03

M-ae-R23-3a-5a Beach, Maui (near Hana)

M-ae-R23-14a Alau - 01

M-ae-R23-18a Beach by Alau

M-ae-R23-15a Alau - 02

M-ae-R23-16a Alau - 03

M-ae-R23-17a Misty Pasture

M-ae-R23-23a Hana Road

M-ae-R23-24a Wailua Falls

M-ae-R24-23a Wailua Falls and Ginger

M-ae-R24-20a Kekuapoowai Falls
(Way high above Wailua Falls; site of some of the "Jurassic Park" filming)

M-ae-R24-07a Horse, Banyan Tree - 01

M-ae-R24-17a Horse, Banyan Tree - 02

M-ae-R24-09a Cardinal

M-ae-R24-11a Palapala Hoomau Church (1857)

M-ae-R24-08a Lindbergh's grave

M-ae-R25-03a Field and Waterfall

M-ae-R25-11a Fisherman
Scotto fishes at Nahiku every day. Almost every afternoon, dolphins come into the bay after fish, too.

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