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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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(These photos were shot with a small digital camera and might not be suitable for enlargements for sale. But enjoy them here!)

The pond outside my window.

Pond view in the morning from the kitchen window.

"my" ducks. They rest in the shade by my bedroom window almost every afternoon.


8-15-09 A new visitor to the pond this morning! (3 pictures)

Isn't he neat? I was only about 15 feet away when I took this close-up. I hope he comes back.

8-20-09 More pond patrons. These birds were fun to watch.

My "take" on the situation is that the dark one is male (he was there first), then the 2 white ones showed up, and he started flirting with them. (Update: My sister looked them up in a book and is fairly sure the dark one is called an "Anhinga".)

(below) He was doing his "make like an eagle" trick to show off his strength and sexiness!

(below) It must have worked; she moved over for a closer look...

Ah, but then I snuck up with the camera, and both white birds got skittish and flew away. The dark bird was willing to show off for me, too, for as long as I wanted. I moved to within 10 feet of him, snapped 3 dozen pictures (even with a flash), and he just hammed it up! I think he was intrigued by the tiny beeping sound that the auto-focus makes.

Pretty boy, huh?
They've been back every day this week so far.


I was standing by the kitchen window when a large bird swooped by and landed in the tree - looks like a hawk of some sort. It flew down to the water's edge. Then back up into the tree.

I went outside and snapped a couple more pics of it before it got too nervous and flew away. As it glided past the next tree, the Anhinga dive-bombed right out of the tree and plunged under water! Maybe the Anhiga was afraid of it?

Anhinga swimming, just like the web info said, it doesn't have "waterproofing" like a duck, so it swims with its body submerged. It will need to spread it wings to dry when it gets out of the water. (Apparently, drying his wings is what he was really doing rather than pretending to be an eagle!)

- -
The weather got cold for more than a week in January, and lo and behold, the trees turned colors and lost their leaves! Who knew? I was so surprised to see this in Florida!

A bird by the pond in January - notice the grasses have turned yellowish-brown, too.

In flight.


Photos of Florida

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