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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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(These photos were shot with a small digital camera and might not be suitable for enlargements for sale. But enjoy them here!)

Wakodahatchee is a wetlands preserve. There is a wooden boardwalk above the water that makes about a 1-mile loop through the ponds and plants and trees. Entrance is free.

_ _
Birdbath. Quite a routine - flopping, and dunking, and shaking and fluffing, over and over again!

Anhinga drying its wings.

_ _
This bird was far away, so the pics are somewhat fuzzy. But it was so cute. Its own weight bent the flower stem waaaayyy down over the water. We watched it cautiously and clumsily shimmy down the flower stem so it could eat the seeds.

Treetop perches.

_ _
Great Heron, I think. It was nearly 3 feet tall.

These red beaked birds are wading in shallow water and eating duckweed.

I don't know what kind of turtle has such a pointy nose.

_ _
The smaller type of blue heron. These shots remind me of those old oil paintings that hung in Mom's living room for many years.

_ _
This alligator laid motionless for quite awhile. Then suddenly, it lifted its head up completely out of the water (mouth closed) then undulated its head, body, and thrashed its tail and KERPLUNKED itself into the water! Nearby birds went squawking away in a hurry. It all happened so fast, my camera couldn't focus on it. Then the alligator slowly moved, like a prehistoric creature, across the pond and crawled into some water lilies. He was so camoflauged in there - only the ridges on his back showed a little - it was no use to take any more pictures. I'm sure other people walking by after us never even saw him.


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