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Photos of Colorado
Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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CO-af- R16-10a Manitou Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R16-01a Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R16-02a Cliff Dwellings


CO-af-R14-24 Cliff Dwellings

CO-af-R14-25 Cliff Dwellings



CO-af- R16-04a Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R16-05a Cliff Dwellings


CO-af- R13-14 Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R13-21 Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R16-07a Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R13-22 Cliff Dwellings


CO-af- R13-12 Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R13-15 Cliff Dwellings, Tower

CO-af- R13-17 Cliff Dwellings, Painted Wall

CO-af- R13-18 Cliff Dwellings, Painted Wall


CO-af- R13-16 Cliff Dwellings

CO-af- R13-09 View from Cliff Dwellings


af-R15-09 Cliff Dwellings, view

af-R15-10 Cliff Dwellings, view

CO-af-R15-07 Cliff Dwellings, inside

CO-af- R13-19 Cliff Dwellings, Beams & Windows

CO-af- R13-20 Cliff Dwellings


CO-af- R13-23 Cliff Dwellings, Men's watch hut

CO-af- R13-24 Cliff Dwellings, Oven

CO-af-R14-08 Chris Yellow Eagle - 1

CO-af-R14-09 Chris Yellow Eagle, Drum - 2


CO-af-R14-13 Chris Yellow Eagle, Flute - 3

CO-af-R14-14 Chris Yellow Eagle, Flute - 4

CO-af-R14-18 Chris Yellow Eagle, closeup - 5


CO-af-R14-11 Robert Running Deer

CO-af-R14-10 Bob Swift Eagle - 1


CO-af-R14-12 Bob Swift Eagle - 2

CO-af-R14-15 Bob Swift Eagle,
The Eagle Dance - 3

CO-af-R14-16 Bob Swift Eagle,
The Eagle Dance - 4


CO-af-R14-17 Bob Swift Eagle - 5

CO-af-R14-22 Bob Swift Eagle - 6

CO-af-R14-20 Dancers

CO-af-R14-21 Dancers' Feet with Bells


CO-af- R13-25 Pueblo House, built in 1894
(Now houses museum and gift shop at Manitou Cliff Dwellings)
CO-af- R14-01 Hyroglyphics


CO-af-R14-23 Manitou Cliff Dwellings, Photo1908
(Picture of a picture in the museum - not for sale)

CO-af- R16-09a Manitou Cliff Dwellings, 2005

CO-af- R14-02 Pottery-1

CO-af- R14-03 Pottery-2


CO-af- R14-04 Pottery-3

CO-af- R14-05 Pottery-4

CO-af- R14-06 Pottery-5

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