Thank you!

from Patty Brdar

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It takes a lot of time and effort to get a business started, and I doubt I could have done it without the help of others. Although it would be impossible to name every individual who has helped me in so many ways, I am writing this THANK YOU page to express my appreciaiton to some of you who have generously supported my business efforts:

THANK YOU to the LORD for the talents You've given me to use for Your glory, for all the wonderful people you've put in my life, for so many opporunities to travel, and for all the answered prayers along life's way.

THANK YOU to RIV for giving me my very first computer as a Christmas gift in 1997, which allowed me to get started on building Keepers Greetings & Graphics much sooner than I would have otherwise been able to do. Also, THANK YOU for the"carte blanche" use of all your Israel photos.

THANK YOU to JOHN for surprising me with the gifts of a scanner and PhotoShop, and for hooking me up with PhotoMisson.

THANK YOU to LEE, SUSAN, and JACKIE, supervisors and trainer at my previous job, for the opportunity to learn how to build a basic web site.

THANK YOU to my PARENTS for, among many other things too numerous to mention, letting me set up my mat-cutting shop in your basement to get me started.

THANK YOU to BECKY for giving me instructional CDs on PhotoShop, as well as all kinds of helpful office supplies.

THANK YOU to DAVE for building a new computer for me that is fast and wonderful.

THANK YOU to NATALIE and CATHIE, my amazingly artistic friends, for continually inspiring me with your talent, independence, and encouragement.

THANK YOU to PAUL, a fellow photographer at PhotoMission, for hooking me up with info about where I could expand and upgrade my original web page to a "real" dot-com web site!

THANK YOU to DAN, a professional photographer, for giving me lots of good business advice including info on registering copyrights.

THANK YOU to IAN, a fellow photographer at PhotoMission, for helping me with techy-computer stuff and teaching me new skills.

THANK YOU to - it is the place to go for internet info and advice.

THANK YOU to all my friends who encourage me with your emails, phone calls, and prayers on a regular basis. (A special THANK YOU to LANIKA for letting me know that you pray for me every morning - Wow!)

THANK YOU to all my CUSTOMERS - individuals and store managers - who encourage me with your patronage and positive comments.

I'm sorry if I've missed anyone in particular - if I did, it's only because I am overwhelmed with such great blessings from so many wonderful people! :)