Victory Parade

Pittsburgh, PA - February 7, 2006

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These photos were taken by friends and shared with other friends, and I'm about the 4th or 5th person in the chain, so I don't know the photographer's name who took most of the best player photos here. But I was told she is happy to share them with anybody...

These photos are NOT for sale. But you are welcome to click and save any that you would like to have for PERSONAL use (computer desktop wallpaper, etc.).

Click on the photo to open an enlarged view in a separate window.

Heinz Field, photographer: Susan Funk

Pittsburgh skyline scenes, photographer: Susan Funk


Susan. Photog: Patty Brdar

Patty. Photog. Susan Funk

Patty. Photog. Susan Funk


Joey Porter

Antwaan Randel El

Coach Bill Cowher

Gladys & John Bettis signing autographs
(Jerome's parents)

Troy Polamalu

Polamalu crowd surfing!

"Big Ben" Rothlisberger
and Charlie Batch


Hines Ward, Super Bowl MVP


Jerome Bettis with the
Lombardi Trophy

Waterford crystal football trophy,
presented by Waterford to the City of Pittsburgh


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