Photos of Scotland

Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Scotland 11+

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Hills, Streams, south of Glencoe, Scotland
SCOT-aa-R13-12 Hills and Streams
South of Glencoe

Swan, Balloch, Scotland, Animal
SCOT-aa-R14-19 Swan, front view
Balloch, Scotland (south end of Loch Lomond)

Swans, Balloch, Scotland, Animal
SCOT-aa-R14-22 Swan and Babies
Balloch, Scotland

SCOT-aa-R15-09 Swans Together

SCOT-aa-R15-06 Swan closeup

SCOT-aa-R15-15 White Horse
Driving through the hilly Trossachs
region, we spotted this white horse in a pasture overlooking a lake. Doesn't he look like he came from a magical storybook? As if he should have a horn on his forehead like a unicorn, or when no one is looking, he could spread magnificent white wings and fly!

End of Scotland series. More might be added later.

Photos of Scotland 1-10, 11+

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