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Photographer:  Patty Brdar

(The photographer is Patty Brdar unless otherwise noted.)

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Arad, Acacia tree, Beersheva, Abraham's well, Cactus, Solomon's Pillars, Timnah Valley, Eilat, Hebron, Abraham's Tomb, Tomb of the Patriarchs, Ziglag, Brook Besor, Avdat, Ben Gurion's tomb, vineyards, camels, Egyptian border

1016 Acacia Tree
(Also available as a Scripture Picture)

ISRA-ii-SR7-91 Acacia Tree
ISRA-ii-SR7-91 Acacia Tree (person removed)

ISRA-ii-SR7-92 Acacia Tree, Tiny Leaves

ISRA-ii-SSR1-75 Tomb of the Patriarchs
Genesis 23:17-20; 25:8-10; 35:28-29; 49:31,
This massive building is built over a site of burial caves of Abraham and his family, including Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Rebecca, & Leah.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-79 Abraham's Well
Tel Beersheva
Genesis 21:22-34, Abraham gave Abimelch seven lambs and made a covenant with him saying,
"Take these seven ewe lambs from my hand in order that it may be a witness to me, that I dug this well."

ISRA-ii-SSR1-80 Bricks made of mud and straw
Exodus 1:14 and 5:7-23 - This is not an ancient brick wall, but it does show how the same techniques for making brick are used today
as they did when the Israelites were making bricks for Pharoh.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-77 Brook Besor
I Samuel 30:9, 10, 21 - Where David let 200 of his exhausted men stay behind with their baggage
while he and 400 of his men chased after the Amalekites who had burned Ziglag and taken their women and children.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-78 Camels roaming in the Negev

ISRA-ii-SSR1-86 Wilderness of Zin - 1
This is the wilderness where the Israelites wandered for 40 years!

ISRA-ii-SSR1-87 Mount Hor, Wilderness of Zin - 2
Numbers 20:22-29; 33:38-39, and Deut. 32:50 - Mount Hor in the haze in distance, Wilderness of Zin, where Aaron died at age 123 and was buried.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-88 Wadi Zin - 1
The ribbon of green is Wadi Zin. There is no water in most of it, but the gully allows enough moisture to collect so that some desert plants can grow in the wadi.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-89 Wadi Zin - 2
In the gorge at the far end of Wadi Zin, there was a trickle of water, turned green by the minerals and algae.

ISRA-ii-SSR2-120 Solomon's Pillars
Timnah Valley

ISRA-ii-SSR1-91 Mountains near Eilat - 1
The Gulf of Aqaba is not the "finger" of the Red Sea where the Israelites miraculously crossed. However, looking at the rugged terrain here certainly gives you a better idea of the predicament they were in when they had mountains on both sides, the Red Sea in front of them, and the Egyptian army closing in behind them. If the mountains in the biblical text were anything like these, then climbing over the mountains to escape the army was obviously not an option!

ISRA-ii-SSR1-92 Mountains near Eilat - 2
In the haze behind the mountain ridge at the right is the Gulf of Aqaba/Eilat.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-93 Gulf of Aqaba
Aqaba is a city on the Jordanian side; it is also called Gulf of Eilat, after the city on the Israel side.

ISRA-ii-SSR1-82 Israel-Egypt border fence - 1

ISRA-ii-SSR1-81 View toward Kadesh-barnea
Numbers 34:4 - Kadesh-barnea was the southern border of the Land, but today, the actual site is within Egypt's borders.
Numbers 20:2-13 - At Kadesh-barnea, Moses sinned by striking the rock for water instead of speaking to the rock as God commanded.
Joshua 14:6-7 - The 12 spies had been sent out from Kadesh-barnea.


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