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Emailed Photos - Page 5

These photos are NOT for sale by me -- they are just good photos that have been passed around on email all over the country/world, and I started making a collection of them just because I liked them. I want to share them with you just for fun. The photo titles for all or most of the pictures are just names I gave to them as a file name; they are not titles given by the photographer.


Sunlit Flowers

Hitching a Ride

Moonlit Beach

Moonrise Yucca


Flying Duck

Tree Cats

(c) 2005 Frank Kee,
California Wildflowers

Looks like God spilled His paints!
East side of the Carrizo plain, in the Temblor Range, (about 50 miles due west of Bakersfield)

Prairie Dog Scratch - These photographs actually show a crocodile that was shot and killed on 6 July 2003 at Pointe-Noire in the Republic of Congo. According to an article in, the reptile was a Nile crocodile: he was estimated to be 50 years old, about 16 feet in length, and about 1,900 lbs. (not quite the 80-year-old, 21-foot, 4,500-pound monster described in an e-mail going around). The local mayor reportedly insisted on preserving the crocodile's carcass (against the efforts of locals who wanted to eat it) and arranged for it to be shipped to a taxidermist.


Hedgehog babies!

Cat and Rat
Double Flamingos

Funny Fish


Gray Cat Face

Frog And Flower

Neon Blue Dragonfly
copyright GeoAnn

Two Dogs Splashing

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