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Photographer's name listed if available.

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Emailed Photos - Page 3

These photos are NOT for sale by me -- they are just good photos that have been passed around on email all over the country/world, and I started making a collection of them just because I liked them. I want to share them with you just for fun. The photo titles for all or most of the pictures are just names I gave to them as a file name; they are not titles given by the photographer.


Sunset and Lightning

Sunset Road

SHAARRR.... oops, no, just a dolphin at Surfrider Beach, Malibu, CA, Apr 9, '03.
Photographer, Kurt Jones.
for more info.

Teton Sunset


Two People on Sandbar


Montana Bitterroot National Forest 08-06-00 Photographer: John McColgan (see story at

Bunny Cups


Cat with Nose-Glasses

Dog with Sunglasses

Ducklings: Yellow & Black

Kitten And Puppy


Kitten in Food Dish

Puppies in Car Trunk

Mount Saint Helens

Closet Cat


Fetal Footprint
Per, undetermined if this is a real photo or manipulated

Statue Breast

Tiger Hug

Reflected Mountain

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