Photos that came via email

Photographer's name listed if available.

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These photos are NOT for sale by me -- they are just good photos that have been passed around on email all over the country/world, and I started making a collection of them just because I liked them. I want to share them with you just for fun.

The photo titles for all or most of the pictures are just names I gave to them as a file name; they are not titles given by the photographer.


Autumn Branch

Autumn Leap

Baby and Buddah

Baby Hand


Bagpiper and kids

Bare Tree in Water

Big Cat (I looked this up at and it is REAL!)

TEXAS STATE RECORD CATFISH New state record catfish. 140 lbs. caught in Lake Texoma. This is one of those legendary fish that scuba divers say they see at the bottom of dams that are big enough to eat a person. They say that catfish this big are well over 100 years old.


Colorful Fish

Cyclist on Mt. trail

Daisy Dewdrops

Dolphins in a Wave


Duckling in Grass

Ducks Crossing Road

Falling Stars

Fisherman and Cats


Fishtank Cubicles

Heron with Fish


Hound Puppies


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