Photos of Birds

"All God's Creatures" - Note Cards
Photographer:  Patty Brdar

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Keesville, NY
Morrow Bay CA

San Diego Zoo

Sea Gull
Dingle Penninsula, Ireland

Falcon? Hawk? Eagle?
Stirling Castle, Scotland

If you know what kind of birds are in picture 03 (Egret?) and picture 05 (Falcon, Hawk Eagle?), please email me to let me know. Thanks!

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More Bird Photos: These photos can be found in the state or country catagory where they were photographed. The photos listed below are NOT note cards.

IREL-aa-R25-06 Emu

HI-jj-R5-10 Sandpiper, wetlands nature reserve Maui
O_ae-R37-10a Male Pheasant
O_ae-R37-11a Female Pheasant
O_ae-R37-16a Baby Pheasant
O_ae-R37-18a Turkey Hen - 01
O_ae-R37-20a Turkey Hen - 02
M-ae-R24-09a Cardinal
HI-ae-R46-10 Pheasants (extremely cropped)

OH-ab-R0-17 Guinnea keets (chicks) - 1
OH-ab-R0-17a Lavender (Grey) Guinnea Hen - 2
OH-ab-R2-24a Lavender (Grey) Guinnea Hen - 3
OH-ab-R0-17a White Guinnea Hen - 4
OH-ab-R0-17a Pearl (Dark) Guinnea Hen - 5
OH-ad-R6-19a Sea Gull, Lake Erie, Geneva State Park - 5

PA-ab-R2-24 White Pigeon on a Log
PA-ab-R3-19 Male Mallard Duck - 1
PA-ab-R2-24a Female Mallard Duck - 2
PA-ab-R2-18 Shaking Duck - 3
PA-ab-R3-8 White Duck - 4
PA-ab-R3-2 White Duck Preening- 5
PA-ab-R2-15 Walk Like a Duck - 6
PA-ab-R1-7 White Duck & Reflection - 7
PA-ab-R1-7 White Duck & Reflection (cropped) - 7c
PA-ab-R1-6 White Ducks Together - 8
PA-ab-R2-16 Goose - 1
PA-ab-R2-13 Goose - 2

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